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Four Lines A Day Entry #73

And we’ve all been trying to wipe the slate clean,

Trying to calm the ghosts that haunt us,

But you’ve pulled the trigger, and there’s no going back,

But you’ve pulled the trigger, best way out, no way back.

Too long, so long

Four Lines A Day Entry #72

Oh, how I loved you so long, too long.

I’ve called, i’ve asked, i’ve reached out.

Even when you seem to be out of reach,

Oh, how long, how for ever, will I continue to love you?

You Alone

Four Lines A Day Entry #71

But when the universe takes me from you,

I’ll weep a thousand days, i’ll cry oceans and waters,

But I’ll be still and waiting for our comeback together,

For it’s you and you alone, my only prayer.

If Ever

Four Lines A Day Entry #70

We have been running with hands embraced together,

But if it won’t be us together at the end, if ever,

With my crying eyes, I’ll tell you, I won’t forget.

I’ll stay here, waiting and loving, wishing you’d go back.

hourlybird asked: aaaaaaaa!!!!!!! Grabe, kinikilig ako sa inyo. Hahahahhahahahaha you guys are God's best for each other. The waiting is worth it. :-)

:”> :”> :”> thanks arli! :D :D ako din kilig na kilig! :))

Holding Hands

Four Lines A Day Entry #69

Angels’ Promenade Series


Let’s be crazy, let’s sing our favourite songs and dance in the rain,

Let’s hold each other’s hands, let’s spend time like we’re not in pain.

Let’s embrace each other, let’s cuddle, let’s swear to our pinkies,

Let us declare our forever, our future together, all of our dreams.

Sing With Me

Four Lines A Day Entry #68

Angels’ Promenade Series


Lonesome, desperate, lustful, guilty and nonsense.

If it hadn’t been you, my angel, I would’ve been lowest.

Will you sing with me, as I sing of my love forever?

Will you hold my hand, as we face the world together?


Four Lines A Day Entry #66

Angels’ Promenade Series


You stayed away from the fire, but I took you there anyway.

You begged to be patient and wait, but I told you it’s okay.

I kissed your lips, I almost took all of you as my own.

Please forgive me, for this is filth; and I have never known.